A Start: New to Parenting, so Blog about it.

So why a blog?  Well, a quick search of the Internet reveals that a majority of Stay at Home Dads (SAHDs) when they’re not SAHDing write blogs.  So, hey.  I’m at a SAHD, therefore I must have interesting things to say about it.  So a blog.  Don’t worry.  Like most projects I’ll move on soon enough and you won’t have to read too much mindless drivel.  As to the Title…I like the wooden toys that Robin has more than the other plastic beep and boop toys.  I also like the idea of an uncut block being turned into a work of art, or something that can print a work of art, like those Japanese wood cut prints of tsunamis.  My naive view is that parenting is creating the right impressions in your kid to obtain some art, or at least a good person. Wood Cut Block.  Also my first choice was taken.

To the Blog-cave –>

I’m a new parent…well, not super new.  I have like 7 months and change experience.  Seven months as a stay at home dad and the kiddo is still alive.  I must be doing something right…although he isn’t quite crawling yet, so I probably can’t take too much credit for keeping him out of harms way.  We haven’t really gotten around to “baby proofing” the house.  I put up a baby gate between the dining room and the kitchen and at the foot of the stairs.  But those improvements were more for my sister’s benefit (and my two year old nephew).  Wouldn’t want him falling up the stairs you know.  I have another baby gate ready to be installed at the top of the stairs, but somehow it never makes it to the top of my to do list.  Come to think of it, making a to do list isn’t high on my to do list.

Care for a baby is a lot more work than other parents let on before I was a parent.  Well, they probably let on, but I couldn’t hear the truth in what they were saying.  It could also be that they didn’t want to scare me off of having kids of my own so that they could enjoy the schadenfreude of another joining their ranks.  I doubt it.  I think they are mostly cheering themselves on, and so don’t spend time being too down on their lot in life.  And having a seven month old son is pretty awesome overall.  He is a great-natured kid.  But it takes a lot of time.  Time that I used to have to screw around and get things done is long gone.  It is really the time that I miss, like the time to write random flow of consciousness rambles about parenting.  I’m sure I’m saying things other parents already know a thousand-fold and non-parents can only imagine like one imagines visiting Iceland.  I know I didn’t really have any idea what was in store.  I still don’t.  But I do like Iceland.

Okay, so I did sort of have something I wanted to write about before this gloriously long nap comes to an end.

Last weekend my mom, my sister, and my wife had a girl’s day out which involved a movie and shopping.  So my brother in law and I took the boys for a boy’s day out.  We went to the downtown Denver Public Library and explored the children’s library (awesome) and rode the escalators.  I taught my nephew how to goose-step, which he picked up instantly and didn’t understand the awkward laughs this evoked for us, ahum, adults.

Afterward we went to breakfast place around the corner called Dozens.  It’s a fun restaurant in an old Victorian house.  We had a quiet meal, as quiet as a meal with a two year old can be, and a listened the self-important conversation of three twenty-something girls at the next table discussing who in their lives were JUDGED more.  Pretty amusing stuff.  Through it all, our waitress was pretty subdued.  Then at the end of the meal she dropped of the check and complemented David and I on our sweet family.

We found this pretty amusing.  My sister and I are often mistaken for husband and wife when we take the boys out for breakfast.  But this was a new one.  Alice Louise threatened to dress Robin up in his rainbow hoodie next time David and I took the boys out.

But on a serious note, thinking about it later.  I think her reaction to our “family” says something positive about the acceptance of non-traditional family setups.  Of course her basic assumption could have been different in a more conservative space, but I like that she thought we had a sweet family even though it would have been a family formed against more traditional mores.

Okay.  Naps over, so is the Blog Post.

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