Poems from a Younger Me

Was I a dead poet?

Cringey poems from my teenage years.

When I first started fatherhood, I stayed at home with the kids except when I traveled for design work a couple of times a year. To keep myself sane I took my old poems from my high school and college days and created art to go along with them. This was an attempt to keep my photoshop skills limber and to rediscover the cringe of youth. Enjoy.

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The Wire

The telephone cord twists wistfully From the phone by my bed. It crawls through my sister’s room, Through the floor and into the wall. Free from the house it travels under the ground, Joins an electric wire river. From there I know not where it flows Only that at the other end of that torrent…

The Ravens

I see ravens in her eyes Thoughts which flutter Weighing down a free soul. They scrounge and scatter thought She gives them nothing, yet they feed. She Hates the dark ravens. I’ve seen the ravens. I’ve tried to get away. They long to live in my mind. Prejudice and fear, Dark Ravens which eat thought…

The Weight

Butterflies move through my vision, Swirling, Swishing wings beat, Fluttering thoughts touch lightly Upon my hyper tense unconsciousness. I reach out and try to clear them, But the former nymphs land upon my hands. How can something so light, weight so much? I’m thrust from sleep, Flushed and Exhausted. The Weight is read be me,…

The Old One

Standing silently in solitudeThe shape watches, half revealed in the moonlight. Like a sentry, it waits patiently In the gentle dark of midnight. He stands guard in the shadows On a shelf, out of the way And always he keeps his vigil Over my sleep until the day. Most times he stands dusty and forgotten…


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