The Story Crafters (Psst. They wrote Mulan)- Screenwriters – Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek

Ever wonder how screenwriters craft a script for a major movie? Listen here to hear how Elizabeth Martin and Lauren hynek write movies like Mulan.

The Giving Geek – Brian Gawor

Brian Gawor is the Vice President of Research at RNL, a company focused on helping Institutions of Higher Education with fund raising and enrollment. Stealing from his Bio we know that Brian has 20 years of higher education experience in student affairs, enrollment management, alumni engagement and development. His efforts supported the achievement of record … Continue reading The Giving Geek – Brian Gawor

Alaskan Justice – Magistrate Judge – David Roghair

Have you ever wondered how justice is served in rural Alaska.  Well, you’re in luck.  Today’s guest is a Magistrate in the furthest north you can travel and still be in the United States, the honorable David Roghair.  Dave provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced in many rural locations around the county, specifically … Continue reading Alaskan Justice – Magistrate Judge – David Roghair