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When I first started fatherhood, I stayed at home with the kids except when I traveled for design work a couple of times a year. To keep myself sane I wrote a few blog posts. There are here now. I might write some more of them, since Covid 19 has sort of regressed my career to a similar place.

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The Friendship Game

How do you help others understand your kid so that they can be seen with compassion rather than irritation?

A Parenting Blog – A Long Break

It’s been a long time since I wrote a parenting blog post. I can’t say why, for certain, I stopped writing them. Part of the reason was that I felt that I really didn’t have that much to contribute to the conversation about parenting. Sure, I can assert my opinion on parenting and pretend I’m…

The Island of Sodor

Thomas the Tank Engine I watch a lot of children’s television. I’m pretty sure that makes me a bad parent, because it means that instead of reading “Curious George goes to the Costume Party” or “That’s not my Panda” for the 30th time today, I’ve turned on Dinotrux. We could do other activities, like cut…

The Bad Days

Some days are harder than others.  Like today.  Today has really sucked. It’s not really Robin’s fault.  He’s 20 months old and can’t explain why he’s so upset, but he can beg for a bar, then throw it to the dog.  He can whine and pout and point emphatically at the apples.  He can say…


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