Podcast of Calling

What’s your Calling?

In some ways what we do defines us. Our jobs can become part of our identity.  What might just be a job for one person to another is a passion.  When does a job become a calling?  In this podcast we will explore this idea.  I talk to people and ask them about their lives and livelihood. Welcome to the podcast of calling.

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The Story Crafters (Psst. They wrote Mulan)- Screenwriters – Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek

Ever wonder how screenwriters craft a script for a major movie? Listen here to hear how Elizabeth Martin and Lauren hynek write movies like Mulan.

The Wire

The telephone cord twists wistfully From the phone by my bed. It crawls through my sister’s room, Through the floor and into the wall. Free from the house it travels under the ground, Joins an electric wire river. From there I know not where it flows Only that at the other end of that torrent…

The Ravens

I see ravens in her eyes Thoughts which flutter Weighing down a free soul. They scrounge and scatter thought She gives them nothing, yet they feed. She Hates the dark ravens. I’ve seen the ravens. I’ve tried to get away. They long to live in my mind. Prejudice and fear, Dark Ravens which eat thought…


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