Paths – Poems from my 16 year old self.

This is mostly self-gratification.  Last weekend my friend Jay and I found a couple of collections of poems written by our teenage selves.  So I thought a fun project would be to post those poems mostly unedited (I’ll try to mute the most cringe-worthy moments.)  Additionally I figured I could practice my artistic skills and create an image to go along with the poem.  I hope you enjoy.


All paths have a beginning.
All Paths have an end.
Am I at the beginning,
Or am I at the end.

I walk the path of forever,
Toward a place of unknown lay.
The road behind behind me is severed,
And fog obscures my way.

I wander down the forgotten path
And dance with to be or to be,
Am I me and more than that?
Am I a soul to be free?

Forest looms beside me
Rising up to starless night
Clouds cover above me
From above there is no light.

I see no beacon and feel no pull,
Am I soulless as an owner
And ownerless as a soul?
I know only the path below me.

Shall I walk the path of tomorrow
Toward a place that could be no more?
Or walk the path of half promises
To the place with no reward

I could live in that of yesterday
Where the ghosts and shades abide.
Live where people live in used to say
Where there’s nothing new to try.

I walk and walk and do not choose
The path of known fame,
The stone on this path is rotten
The forest is not tame.

But this path is comfortable
It’s stone fits my kind
Many a soul has strayed
Caught in a shadows bind.

And so I walk.
This path is mine.
Without guidepost or milestone
My life will turn out fine.

All paths have a beginning.
All Paths have an end.
Am I at the beginning,
Or am I at the end.

(Okay. This poem rambles for three pages.  I’ve edited it down.  I guess I was pretty long winded as a 16 year old.  I blame all the coffee at Village Inn.)

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