Poem 5 – What to Write

Poem 5 – What to Write

I apparent wrote a lot of poems about not knowing what to write.  Here is one.  When in doubt about what to write, just write.  Then edit edit edit.  Too bad I didn’t do any of that edit stuff.  The art here was somewhat hastily done between a production meeting phone call and Robin waking up from his afternoon nap.

What to Write

“I don’t know what to scribble down”
The poet started to write.
I could write about the treetops
In the sun’s fading light.
I could make a cheap rhyme about storm clouds
Taking an eastern flight,
Or the deep grey blue of the ocean
When day gives way to night.
I could describe a snowfield
With flakes freshly fallen
Or a tree in summer sun light
Or Russia under Stalin.
Yet again I could write of highways
Long ribbons of tar and rock
The metallic animals that stalk them
Or about a boy who lost his sock.
I could write about a kitten
With soft whiskers and fur
Or a dog without a tail
A sad and nasty cur.
It wasn’t really my point.
This wasn’t what I wanted to say.
But anyhow here is a poem.
I just wanted to make your day.
(This poem took a lot of coffee stain brushes to recreate the Village Inn experience.) 

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