The Giving Geek – Brian Gawor

Brian Gawor is the Vice President of Research at RNL, a company focused on helping Institutions of Higher Education with fund raising and enrollment. Stealing from his Bio we know that Brian has 20 years of higher education experience in student affairs, enrollment management, alumni engagement and development. His efforts supported the achievement of record enrollment at Knox College in Illinois. He then joined the college’s $3 million Knox Fund as a fundraiser. Most recently, Brian served for four years as director of development for the College of Fine Arts at Illinois State University. Currently he works at RNL as a fund-raising Wonk.

I met Brian in the usual way, through other friends. Specifically, he was the freshman year roommate to one of my best friends from high school. That lead to being guildmates in World of Warcraft and meeting in the real world on adventures in Las Vegas and Indianapolis. He is one of the more intelligent and articulate people I know, so I called him up and asked him about his calling.

Clearly adding value to education is a passion for Brian.  His understanding of trends in fundraising and his intimate understanding of the challenges facing higher education, always makes him an interesting conversationalist.  If you’d like to hear more about the work that Brian does at RNL check out his podcast Fundraising Voices wherever you get your podcasts.

Interesting Links

Links to things mentioned during the podcast.

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