The Wire

Telephone Pole on a abstract background.
The Wire – Roots and All
The telephone cord twists wistfully
From the phone by my bed.

It  crawls through my sister's room,
Through the floor and into the wall.

Free from the house it travels under the ground,
Joins an electric wire river.

From there I know not where it flows
Only that at the other end of that torrent

Lies the one I dare not call,
The one I want to talk to the most of all.

If only...

The Wire is read be me, Chad Bonaker as part of my Poems of a Younger Me Project in which I give the cringey poems of my teenage years a quick copy edit.  The Music is called Seven Wonders by Ziv Moran.  The image is a photoshop printmaking experiment using plant root brushes and silhouettes of telephone poles brushes provided by Robert Anthony. If you enjoyed this slightly embarrassing Project and would like to read/listen to more podcasts, blogs, or poems please subscribe and visit the website at Thanks for listening and What’s you calling?

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