Art of the Binge

Don’t you hate it when someone starts to tell you a good story and it goes somewhere you don’t sanitizer? That was my favorite internet quote of the week mined from some random online comic site.  I warn you that this post might be somewhat like that quote, which isn’t to say that all my posts are a little like it.

Writing posts consistently is proving to be a little challenging.  I’d love to blame this on Robin, but I’ve had issues doing things consistently since well before he was born.  I think it really is more a symptom of of my general work history which has been mostly project based, which means I’ve trained myself very well in the art of the binge.

I’m good at binge.  I  binge read books, devouring four in a row.  Then I’ll have not desire to touch a book for days or weeks.  I’ll binge (yes I know) anime.  I’ll watch 24 episode all at once.  Once done, I’m bored with that for a while.  I’m really good at throwing a lot energy into something for a short period of time, but then I get burned out.  This made me a great fit for free-lance theater.  Every show needs a big burst of energy for a week, then I get to move on to the next project.  It’s also why shows with 2 weeks of tech drive me crazy.  I could never be a stage manager and live with a show for months unless I found a way to break the project a smaller projects I could binge.

And so, blogging reliable is proving to be a challenge.  I tend to binge out a post then I’m sated for a while. Yes, blogging is all about me, not you…Sorry.

I think another challenge to my blogging career is that I want to have something meaningful to say.  And lets be honest, when you spend your days reading “All the Hippos Go Berserk!” to a 13 month old, it is somewaht difficult to have deep thoughts.  Although that book really is a great example/explanation of factorials (n)!, but Robin doesn’t grasp the concept yet.  He likes to carry around my crocs sandals and hit things with them.  I suppose I could write about the everyday joys of raising a fun and busy child, but I let my poet membership card lapse.  I often search for a grand statement to make before I post, some insightful observation, but most days it’s that “Apple Sauce is good.” Which in fact I will probably be writing righteously about soon.

Speaking of righteousness.  That would be another reason for resisting the blog post.  The current political environment gets me so worked up that I usually refrain from writing, because I do want to find a job again someday.  So I should probably keep the google search quotes down to a minimum.  I mean Hobby Lobby gets to practice religion?  What happens during the Rapture?  Do all the Hobby Lobby’s ascend too?  What about the non-Christians shopping for yarn at the time, do they get a free trip to the pearly gates?  What will the sudden appearance of thousands of Hobby Lobby’s in heaven do to the property values of those Saint’s mansions. (See, I should keep those type of things to myself, or at least on Facebook.)

Therefore today I decided that I needed to just have a chat with my imaginary audience.  No grand point.  No deep insightful inspiration.  So instead I’ll tell you a story.  It’s about a boy named Robin who has wandered into the kitchen is now hanging on the dishwasher door.  I should Sanitizer.

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