Poem 6 – Shrouded Friend

There were a lot of people in my high school around my age who didn’t make it.  Most were in car accidents.  Two people shot themselves accidentally in the head messing around with guns.  This was a poem I wrote after a girl I worked with as a lifeguard was killed driving back from Grand Junction with her boyfriend.

Shrouded Friend

Welcome my shrouded friend,
You’ve been gone quite a while.
I figured that you might be at an end,
But I guess that’s not your style.
We last met a few years ago,
Since then you’ve been a bit busy.
Life here as been nice and slow
Since you last made this town dizzy.
I’d wondered where you’d gone
And how you come and go.
Fairness demands that the young should live
But fairness isn’t something you know.
Well, you’ve done it once again,
Claimed lives barely started.
Please don’t be mad when I show you the door,
And wish that we may long be parted.

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