Poem 7 – The Lifeguard

I was a lifeguard at the Craig City Pool for many years.  It was a great experience, if sometimes very boring. The worst place to be all day was in the west facing chairs at the wave pool at 5pm.  The sun struck full body and it was unbearably hot.  When I was a head … Continue reading Poem 7 – The Lifeguard

Paths – Poems from my 16 year old self.

This is mostly self-gratification.  Last weekend my friend Jay and I found a couple of collections of poems written by our teenage selves.  So I thought a fun project would be to post those poems mostly unedited (I'll try to mute the most cringe-worthy moments.)  Additionally I figured I could practice my artistic skills and … Continue reading Paths – Poems from my 16 year old self.